Celebrating 300 Facebook likes: Wild Winner

To celebrate reaching 300  Facebook likes we held a competition inviting our followers to describe a "wild" place around Melbourne special to them. Our winner, Carol, was awarded a free poster of her choice of photographs from our Gallery.  

Here is her inspiring and descriptive entry:

There's a special place less than 7km from Melbourne just around from the oldest stone building on Point Gelibrand. A shell-lined track leads through the coastal saltbush (hiding rakali and tiger snakes) and out onto the sand and rocks where crested terns, cormorants and sooty oystercatchers explore each nook and cranny for crabs, blennies and the occasional blue ringed octopus. If you sit quietly, with your back to the Mobil oil tanks and BAE boat builders, you can hear the sheoaks whispering in the breeze and imagine what it might have been like almost 180 years ago.