Project: Point Leo

Where the Sea meets the Land, and where our Community meets the Natural World...

The Wild Melbourne team are extremely excited to announce a new partnership with Point Leo Foreshore, Park and Reserve. Our team are humbled to be given the opportunity to improve the reserve's capacity to engage with the public regarding its diverse and wonderful natural assets. 

We have been designing a number of displays and interactive features that will assist people of all ages in appreciating the native flora, fauna, habitat, and history of Point Leo. We are working towards a series of outdoor signs and indoor displays in the reserve's brand new office, as well as  a touch table, a marine touch tank and a large public mural. We are also partnering with the incredibly talented, Milly Formby, to produce a beautiful illustration to highlight the beauty of some of the reserve's fauna species. 

We encourage our readers to take the time to plan a day trip, or even a weekend camp down at Point Leo reserve. Don't let the winter weather put you off, it is a truly beautiful piece of Victoria and well worth a visit at any time of the year. 

Our team thank the reserve's committee of management for this fantastic opportunity,  and give a special thanks to park ranger, Tony, for his infectious enthusiasm and support thus far.