Science Short: The Black Swans of Albert Park

Wild Melbourne’s Science Short series is a collection of short video documentaries showcasing the wonderful research being done in Victoria. Each episode features a different scientist or research group, opening up the world of environmental research for the public to see. 

In this Science Short, Wild Melbourne venture to Albert Park Lake near the Melbourne CBD to follow the University of Melbourne Black Swan Research Group. Headed by the University of Melbourne’s Head of BioSciences, Raoul Moulder, the BSRG has been researching the black swan population at Albert Park for over a decade.

Raoul, along with Dr John Lesku from La Trobe University, is supervising PhD student Anne Aulsebrook as she investigates the effect that artificial lighting in urban areas is having on the biology of the swans. Artificial lights, such as street lamps, headlights and signs, are known to change how animals behave and respond to more natural cues.