The Wild Melbourne Journey: A Case Study in Science Communication

The Wild Melbourne team are pleased to announce that we've been fortunate enough to be invited by Australian Science Communicators' Victorian Branch to present our story.

Australian Science Communicators is a group dedicated to fostering the successful communication of science to the public, in all formats. This aligns incredibly well with Wild Melbourne's mission of increasing the Victorian public's understanding and appreciation of nature. 

Come along to LOOP Bar on Thursday 21st July to hear us talk a little about the Wild Melbourne story, what we've learnt, and to see a range of our unreleased video footage from around Victoria (similar to the Science Short shown below!).

For those interested, there will also be an opportunity to network with us, as well as with many other Australian Science Communicators after the event. 

The event is free, so please head to the EventBrite page and register to attend. We hope to see you there!