Rewilding Australia - Survey

There is growing discussion about the merits of rewilding lost species to their historical ranges across the world. Australia is a particular hotbed of discussion at present. There have been calls for predators such as dingoes and Tasmanian devils to be rewilded on the mainland, whilst a great number of small and medium-sized marsupials are returning to their homes in arid Australia with the help of large, predator-free enclosures.

As part of an increased effort to gauge the level of community support for rewilding in Australia, Rewilding Australia have launched a new survey and are calling upon everyone to submit their responses.

The questions will ask the public about their knowledge of rewilding, Australian native species and their interactions with native Australian animals. So, if you have a spare couple of minutes, please take the time to fill out this excellent survey and help inform new, evidence-based conservation! 

Check out Rewilding Australia at their website. 
Banner image by Marc Faucher