Predation, Small Mammals and Fire - On Video!

There are many processes and interactions that occur in every ecosystem across the world, all with a range of effects and impacts associated with them. Two of these are predation and fire, both of which can have a profound influence on communities of plants and animals. Until recently, the two have rarely been considered in tandem - something which is incredibly important, especially in Australian ecosystems. 

A few weeks ago, I ventured out to the sixth Biodiversity Across the Borders conference at Federation University, Ballarat to present some of my honours research on predators, fire and small mammals in Victoria's remote Big Desert region. You might remember some of this work being written about on Wild Melbourne last year, which can be viewed over three instalments: part one, part two and part three.  

My talk (along with many others) was kindly storified by Kylie Soanes, which you can check out for a great snapshot of the day's take-home messages. Or, alternatively, watch the full video of my presentation below.