Our Point Leo Mural

While many Victorians were soaking up the sun this past weekend, the Wild Melbourne team were getting creative on the Point Leo Foreshore. Alongside some eager Point Leo campers, we began the seemingly gargantuan task of projecting, sketching and painting a seascape onto the wall of an amenities block down by the beach.

If you are yet to visit the area, one of the first things you will surely notice about Point Leo is the strong community vibe that emanates from the newly built Visitors Centre, through the campsites, and down to the ruggedly picturesque foreshore. Cathy Cavallo, our resident artist at Wild Melbourne, hoped to capture this combination of community, nature and the pleasure of holidaying along the Peninsula in her beautifully designed mural. With a myriad of people lending a hand over the course of the weekend – including surfers, cyclists, campers, and plenty of enthusiastic kids – we were able to complete the mural before dusk on Sunday. As our first major art project, this felt like a near-impossible achievement.

It was even more satisfying to see the way in which the community at Point Leo came together to support us in brightening up a small part of this wonderful holiday destination. With children as young as five adding their own touches to the underwater landscape of seals, fish and sharks, the mural is now testament to the hard work and creativity of everyone who pitched in – even if contributing only one brush stroke!

We were also fortunate enough to experience some spectacular weather whilst we were hard at work mixing paints, teetering on step ladders, and depicting as many marine wonders as possible before the sun set on each day. To be outdoors and experiencing the amazing seaside that we hoped to portray was a fantastic addition to a weekend already complete with paint-covered hands, stippling lessons, and, most importantly, a finished mural.

View the time lapse above to catch a glimpse of the hard work contributed by all volunteers over the weekend – especially the creative kids who took the time out of their holiday to pitch in. A special thank you to the rangers and committee of the Point Leo Foreshore Park and Reserve for helping to make this happen!