Wild Cities

Becoming a Wild City: Wild Melbourne's upcoming transition

The times they are a-changin’. Bob Dylan couldn’t have said it any better; an anthem’s universal message of lasting change. Wild Melbourne is committed to enabling change, empowering our communities to create a brighter future for ourselves and the natural world. But it’s not the only change happening. In October we launched Remember The Wild, our national brand, so that we could share Wild Melbourne’s message across the country. Wild Melbourne has since become a Wild City of Remember The Wild so you might notice a few little changes - all for the better of course!

It was a little over four years ago in a Brighton lounge room that Wild Melbourne transformed from an idea into being. From a simple webpage, a random collection of short articles, and only a few followers (mostly family and friends!), we’ve grown into a professional and charitable organisation dedicated to our mission.

Now, as a Wild City of Remember The Wild, we’ll be making a couple of changes to our look so that you’ll be able to tell that Remember The Wild and every future Wild City is part of the one family. We're still the same nature-loving organisation you've grown to know, committed to wellbeing and the conservation of nature from a national perspective, right down to that of your local park.

Wild Melbourne, and all future Wild Cities, will still be dedicated to delivering articles, sharing stories, and celebrating all things local through our website and social media. Remember The Wild will likewise be delivering content online, but will focus on topics of national interest and significance.

An important change we’ve made is to streamline our efforts by having all of our paid and charitable services, at both national and local scales, flow through Remember The Wild.

Rest assured, we’re the same team behind both organisations, producing quality work that you’ve come to rely on through Wild Melbourne. Soon, we hope to have more Wild Cities from across Australia join Remember The Wild and share their amazing stories.

If you have any feedback on how we’re operating or would like further clarification about Wild Melbourne’s transition to a Wild City, please contact us at info@rememberthewild.org.au. We’d love to make your journey with us all the more memorable.

For more information, please visit the new Remember The Wild website.