Endeavour Fern Gully

Sunday 31st July was National Tree Day and in classic Wild Melbourne style, we spent it planting trees, setting out camera traps and experiencing a guided tour in Endeavour Fern Gully: a beautiful 17.5-hectare expanse of remnant rainforest with a remaining 9.5 hectares gradually being revegetated. Playing a significant role in surrounding ecosystems, this is the headwaters of Stony Creek. Located in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, the property is currently protected by the National Trust.

Photo: Robert Geary

Photo: Robert Geary

We had an enthusiastic group of almost 30 volunteers (pictured above) visit the gully on the Sunday, digging holes, planting approximately 350 tubestock, hammering stakes, setting up camera traps and enjoying a BBQ. The eight cameras that were set up will be strategically moved around Endeavour Fern Gully over the long term, with the images giving us insight into what species are in the area and how they are using the property.

Gillian Tolley, manager of Endeavour Fern Gully. Photo: Robert Geary

Gillian Tolley, manager of Endeavour Fern Gully. Photo: Robert Geary

After our working bee and lunch, the team also explored the gully and remnant forest with a guided tour led by Gillian Tolley (pictured above) and Rafael Heale, both of whom work hard to preserve and improve this hidden gem. We meandered along a two-kilometre walking loop which descends from the revegetated area into a breathtaking gully where one is surrounded by abundant birdlife, majestic manna gums, messmates and a lush fern gully. For more information on what you can experience at Endeavour Fern Gully, check out my Bush Beat on this unique location, or watch our Vox Pop below.

Thank you again to our friends at Endeavour and our volunteers for making this successful day happen -we look forward to the next! Endeavour also welcomes more volunteers – so come and get involved in the conservation of one of the Peninsula’s most incredible hidden gems.

If you’re looking to be immersed in nature, this tranquil gully is definitely worth a visit!

For volunteering information, please contact Gillian Tolley at gilliantolley@gmail.com. 

Endeavour Fern Gully is located at (with parking access):
195 Arthurs Seat Rd, Red Hill VIC

Before visiting, please be aware of any fire risks and that snakes and leeches do occur at the property.

All images by Robert Geary.