Away from the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, or the local shopping centre of your suburb, is a wild place. A breathtaking and inspiring place that is a true representation of the reality of our world – that is – a natural world. 

Picture mountain tops crowned with grasslands and fringed with trees, where the beginnings of streams and rivers spring from alpine bogs. Picture the flow of water as it finds its way downstream through forests and wetlands, before it meets with the salty waters off our coast. Or imagine the sound of birdsong and eucalypt leaves rustling in the wind beside the mild flow of the Murray River. Or the arid mallee with its blue skies and sun parched earth.

From the mountains to the rivers, and from the mallee to the coast, this is a wild Victoria. We are lucky to share our home with thousands of uniquely Australian plants and animals, with some found nowhere else but within our state. We are intimately connected with these things and these places.

Yet, in daily life, it is easy to overlook this connection with the environment. As we go about our lives, working, studying or socialising, our relationship with wildlife and the land we share with them becomes distorted or forgotten.

Unfortunately, not only does this mean we often go through life missing out on some extraordinary natural experiences, but this neglect can have devastating consequences for the health of our state’s ecosystems.

To remedy this, we seek to educate members of the public about local flora and fauna, and the habitats in which they live. We hope that in doing so, we might help to develop a sense of connection between people and the environment.

We are dedicated to bridging the gap between the community and the natural world, and bringing the wild of our state into the lives of the people in our city.

Welcome to Wild Melbourne.