Anne Aulsebrook

Admin & HR Manager

 Zoology | Science Communication | Ecology  


Anne grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne but spent most weekends around the Gippsland coast. There, she and her family would go bird-watching, bushwalking, fishing, and swimming at the local estuaries and beaches. She always loved watching animals up close, from echidnas shuffling along the roadside, to molluscs burying themselves in the sand.

Anne pursued her interest in nature and wildlife at university, majoring in zoology and ecology.  She became particularly interested in the impacts of humans on the natural environment, and how these might affect animal behaviour. For her PhD, Anne is researching how streetlights affect sleep and other day-night rhythms in urban birds.

Since beginning her research, Anne has become increasingly passionate about science communication. To her, the most rewarding part of learning something new is sharing it with someone else. Anne has always loved writing and public speaking, and has been able to use these skills in articles, radio interviews, podcasts and on community TV. She hopes that by sharing the ideas and stories that fascinate her, she can help fuel others’ interest in the natural world.

Twitter: @AnneAulsebrook