Catherine Cavallo

Community Education 

 MARINE BIOLOGY | CLIMATE CHANGE ECOLOGY| Wildlife photography | drawing & painting



Encouraged by parents and grandparents who were enthralled by natural history, Cathy's childhood was spent bird-watching, bush walking and hanging out in museums all over the world.

Following her interest in nature into the world of research, Cathy studied a Bachelor and Master of Science at the University of Melbourne, traveled to Kenya to work on community based research and spent years employed by a Victorian environmental consultancy.

These days, Cathy studies a PhD at Monash University, in partnership with Phillip Island Nature Parks. Her research focuses on using Little Penguins to indicate environmental change and fluctuations in populations of their prey species. 

Cathy is passionate about science communication and community engagement, knowing that people need to understand and value something before they are moved to protect it. She counts hosting several seasons of a science radio show and working with Kenyan ex-poaching families towards alternative sources of income as current career highlights.