Ellie Michaelides

 Science Communication | ZOOlogy | Wildlife  


Ellie grew up surrounded by animals and has always had a keen interest in conserving Australia’s wildlife, from the largest roo to the smallest bee. She followed this interest into a Bachelor and Master of Science, both specialising in zoology, at the University of Melbourne. Her Masters research looked at how environmental light pollution affects reproduction and survival in an Australian species of cricket.

Realising along the way that she loved talking to people about science and the natural world more than actually doing science, she now works as a Science Communicator and Project Manager for a science PR company in Melbourne. Her favourite project there so far saw over 40,000 citizen scientists get involved identifying animals in automated camera images, that were part of research projects from across the country, over the course of one month.

She’s been involved in volunteer work for the last seven years, from walking dogs at the RSPCA, to working with Earthcare St Kilda where she was a penguin guide, to her current role at Healesville Sanctuary where she hangs out with her native parrot friends and chats to visitors.

Ellie is Wild Melbourne’s PR and Communications Manager.