Rowan Mott


Birding | Natural History Photography | MuSIC | Science Communication | Conservation Research


Rowan grew up in northeast Victoria and loved exploring the bush around his childhood home. From as far back as he can remember, birds have captivated his interest. Rowan recently completed a PhD on seabird foraging ecology at Monash University. Growing up far from the sea provided few opportunities for seabird watching, but during the course of his PhD seabirds got under his skin. These days he can regularly be found looking out to sea or hopping on a boat for the chance of seeing these special birds.

Rowan’s previous research focussed on woodland bird assemblages. In particular, he was interested in their responses to fire, and the benefits of landscape scale revegetation. He is currently using the skills acquired during these projects in a botany research group at Monash University.

In Rowan’s experience, scientists tend to be good at the thinking and learning part of scientific research, but are often poor at implementing their findings to promote positive change, and communicating their findings beyond the scientific community. Rowan enjoys the challenge of writing for a wide audience and hopes that some of them may have the skills to initiate conservation action.