Lilly Pilly Gully Circuit

Located in Wilsons Promontory, this boardwalk through beautiful, primitive rainforest provides walkers with an array of mosses and fungi, and countless species of forest birds to discover!

The spectacular Mount Oberon. Photo: Cathy Cavallo

The spectacular Mount Oberon. Photo: Cathy Cavallo

The Lilly Pilly car park is about five minutes by car from Tidal River on the road away from the campsite. There are two options to explore here: a hillside circuit of 5.8 kilometres (2 to 3 hours) or a pram and wheelchair-friendly stroll of 2.6 kilometres return (1 hour). Both move through a striking variety of vegetation types and feature a 600-metre boardwalk through a remnant patch of ancient warm, temperate rainforest.

These walks offer an insight into the wealth of habitats offered by the Promontory’s landscape. Look out for dry heathland with striking grass-trees, banksia-dominated open woodland and tall eucalypt forest in addition to the jewel in the crown: an ancient rainforest remnant from an earlier era.

Recent fires have left their mark on the tall eucalypts and encouraged vibrant regrowth, resulting in a stunning vista of black and green. Flooding and storms that followed those fires also left their mark, scoring great scars across the mountainsides and creating new open spaces.

The rainforest boardwalk is like entering another world, another time. From tall, open forest you will enter an ethereal, darkened place of utter tranquility. The vegetation changes abruptly and the wildlife in this section is particularly exciting. Frogs call and the odd native galaxiid fish can be seen swimming languidly in the creek. We found three times as many bird species in this small patch as we did across the rest of the walk; Eastern Spinebills, Grey Fantails, Yellow Robins, Thornbills and Scrubwrens flit all around. I suspect some were drawn by the many mosquitos that hovered around the area (repellent would be a good idea).

Once you walk back to the car park, check out the impressive views of Mount Oberon opposite and be sure to keep an eye open down low for lovely mosses, lichens and fungi, the latter of which are particularly abundant at this time of year.






1. Boardwalk through primitive, remnant rainforest
2. Multiple vegetation classes

3. Fungi and mosses
4. Forest birds