Tidal River to Squeaky Beach, Wilsons Promontory

An energetic climb that links two iconic beaches, offers breathtaking ocean views and will most definitely include a wombat sighting!

A beautiful section of the walking track. Photo: Cathy Cavallo

A beautiful section of the walking track. Photo: Cathy Cavallo

This walk begins at the western end of the Tidal River campsite at Wilson’s Promontory, where the new footbridge crosses Tidal River.

A camera is essential, as this track offers spectacular views of Tidal River and Mount Oberon on one side of Pillar Point and Squeaky Beach, as well as several islands on the other.

As the track climbs out of Tidal River, it progresses through multiple vegetation types, from wetland, through banksia-dominated open coastal forest, shady melaleuca stands and finally to an exposed coastal hilltop. The descent to Squeaky Beach traverses rocky scree consisting of gnarled coastal bushes, and tenacious succulents and lichens.

When walked in the morning or late afternoon, visitors can be assured of encountering a wide variety of bird life, as well as the local (and very charismatic) wombats. On our walk, we were lucky enough to discover a beautiful white-lipped snake, resting by the path.

One of the most exciting features of this environment is the colossal granite boulders seemingly littered throughout the forest and bursting from the side of Pillar Point. The origins of these boulders date back to the Devonian Period, which stretched from around 419.2 to 358.9 million years ago. Boulders the size of houses give the forest an otherworldly air of enchantment, while great sheets of granite dip into the surrounding waters, joining a granite bedrock which reaches all the way to northern Tasmania.

This walk is 2.1 kilometres in each direction, and is essentially one long incline followed by a long decline. There are therefore steep sections. Due to this, it is an inadvisable choice for the mobility-limited. That said, less energetic walkers and families will definitely enjoy this walk, provided time is allowed for rest-breaks at the many stunning viewpoints.






1. Spectacular views
2. Multiple vegetation classes

3. Wombats!
4. Striking geology