Mount Lofty

A short and simplE walk close to the city; Mount Lofty gives some fantastic views of the Yarra River, Dandenong Ranges, and the surrounding Warrandyte area. 

The view from the top: the surrounding Yarra Valley region. 


This is one of the more accessible walks that can be found inside a state or national park in the Melbourne region. Mt Lofty is just a short drive out of the Eastern Suburbs, located near to Wonga Park, Warrandyte.

The walk is about 4.5 km’s and can be done in well under 2 hours if you’re not intending to rest. However, there is a relaxing picnic area by the Yarra River and another that gives great views of the valley that are both worth stopping at.

The park was once farmland and the old farm house is still present. The walk itself takes you through young forest meandering along the river and eventually opens up into a dirt track that leads up a slight incline to the top of the mountain. Here you’ll get some great views of the surrounding region; the river, valley, and a nearby golf course.

Suitable for young kids right through to retirees, it is a simple and easy walk with few difficult climbs. While you’re unlikely to see any extraordinary wildlife, the scenery is well worth the visit, making it the perfect walk for a picnic lunch with the family.

This part of the Yarra is also popular with those interested in canoeing and kayaking, and if you’re lucky you may see a duck-billed platypus.       

Level of Difficulty


Ease of Accessibility






Overall Rating




  1.  Relaxing river rest-stop       

  2.  Great views of the Yarra Valley region       

  3.  An easy walk for all ages         

  4. Close to the eastern suburbs