Roy Henderson Walking Trail

The trail runs through rugged coastal heathlands from the small township of Sandy Point to nearby Shallow inlet, which opens up to a swamp full of wildlife, including water birds and crabs. 


This easy walk starts in the coastal town of Sandy Point, leaving from the corner of Manuka Street and Woodlands Avenue. It curves its way through dense coastal heathland until it reaches Shallow Inlet.

I suggest walking a dusk or (if you’re an early riser) dawn – this is when the bush’s inhabitants come to life. There are birds aplenty, including superb fairy wrens and yellow-tailed black cockatoos. If you’re lucky you may even spot a hairy nose wombat or echidna. We even cam across a baby tiger snake crossing the path!

Once you reach the inlet, you have the option of walking further along to where it meets the sea, or curving back around to explore the marshland.

Unfortunately, the beach is very compacted, as patrons are allowed to drive cars onto the sand to launch boats, which may disrupt your viewing of the waterbirds that live in the inlet.

The marsh is home to an enormous army of crabs, so you can have fun watching them scuttle back a forth along the mudflats.

If you’re up for a bit more of a hike, it’s about 4km up to the entrance of the inlet – although the walk is quite long, the scenery is impressive when you get there. 

Level of Difficulty

Ease of Accessibility



Overall Rating



  1.  Easy Walk     

  2.  Diverse Habitats      

  3.  Lots of Wildlife         

  4. Optional Walk to Inlet Entrance