Coolart Wetlands

Not far from Balnarring, this relaxing boarded walk winds its way through the coolart wetlands, where several bird hides give excellent viewing of our native waterbirds. 

Pied Cormorant (  Phalacrocorax varius ) sunning itself at the wetlands.

Pied Cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius) sunning itself at the wetlands.


More a garden stroll than a real bush beat, this easy-level walk is great for those looking for a relaxing, yet exciting activity for a morning or afternoon.

Starting at the historical, Coolart House, one can find enjoyment in viewing the well maintained gardens and old homestead before descending the a hill to the wetlands. Here, a number of tidy bird-hides offer superb and rare viewing of native waterbirds.  

Following the path will eventually lead you to some open woodland where you may chance upon some swamp wallabies or echidna.

From here you have the option to take a short walk across a tranquil estuary to the beach where you can dip your toes in Western Port Bay.

In reality, this walk should take no more than one hour to complete. However, the potential for encountering wildlife is so high, in so small an area, that the keen naturalist is soon and frequently distracted.

Anyone looking for a relaxing, yet intriguing weekend activity, should consider the drive to Balnarring and the Coolart Wetlands.

Level of Difficulty 


Ease of Accessibility 



Overall Rating


  1.  Easy walk

  2. Several bird hides

  3. Close to beach   

  4.  Lots of wildlife

Location of Coolart Wetland

Location of Coolart Wetland