Bald Hills Creek Wildlife Reserve

In this small, isolated reserve, make your way along a meandering trail through paperbark woodlands until you reach the thriving wetlands. There’s a chance to spot a variety of wildlife, including swamp wallabies, spoonbills and tree frogs. 


When driving along Walkerville Road, just outside Tarwin Lower, take a right onto Bald Hills Road, which will lead you to this small, isolated reserve.

The reserve is the remaining remnants of the Tullaree swamp, which once ran alongside Tarwin River: an area that has now been taken over by farming.

Take an easy stroll through woodlands and paperbark thickets until you come upon large open wetlands, full of birdlife.

Bring your binoculars to spot spoonbills, herons and cormorants from the bank (there was once a bird hide here but apparently it was destroyed by a deliberately lit fire).

You can also explore a number of smaller trails that lead to different views of the water – though watch where you step, I almost squashed a Southern Brown tree frog hiding in the undergrowth!

The reserve is also home to a number of swamp wallabies, so walk quietly and you may spot them hiding amongst the thicket. They’re generally shy things, but I spotted one just off the trail that seemed quite unfazed by my presence.

The walk will take you half an hour to an hour, depending on how much you stop to admire the view and wildlife.

Level of Difficulty 

Ease of Accessibility 




Overall Rating


  1. Easy Walk

  2. Several different habitats

  3. Numerous chances to spot wildlife

  4. Nice views of the wetlands