Given the sheer number of complex environmental problems occurring both locally, and internationally, it can be difficult for the average person to know where they can best put their efforts. Scroll through to find how you can best help your local environment, and also connect with nature. 

Do Your Bit for Biodiversity

Anybody can contribute to the conservation of the biodiversity around them. Small day-to-day lifestyle changes around the house, at work, outdoors, can have significant effects on our local biodiversity. Planting a garden using indigenous flora, or if suitable by installing nest boxes to provide habitat for local possums and parrots, we are able to make a positive contribution to our local environments.

Connecting with Nature

By spending time outdoors, whether it be in a volunteer setting, commuting to work, or simply visiting the local park on a Sunday afternoon, anyone can develop an appreciation for nature. While members of the community can also connect with nature through more obvious means such as bush-walking or bird-spotting, activities such as gardening or watching the wildlife in your backyard can be just as valuable.