Help people to understand so that they may appreciate. Help them to appreciate so that they may care. Help them to care so that they may preserve.
— Wild Melbourne's philosophy

Connecting our community with the natural world...

Compared to the hotspots of biodiversity found in more northern states, it is easy to forget about Victoria’s natural wonders. Yet those of us living in Melbourne or rural Victoria share this region of Australia with an astonishing variety of wildlife. Wild Melbourne seeks to bring these forgotten wonders to light, and to educate our community about our local ecosystems. Our non-profit organisation is dedicated to the protection of our environment and to teaching people the importance and majesty of native species and landscapes. From Port Phillip Bay to the high country, Wild Melbourne focuses on the nature around our city...


Our aim is to enhance the Victorian public's understanding of native Australian wildlife, science and environmental matters, as well as contribute to our community’s broader appreciation of Victorian ecosystems. We wish to assist people like you in developing a broader appreciation of the natural world by bringing that world closer to you.


Because the world is beautiful. It is astonishingly complex and astoundingly diverse. Wild Melbourne seeks to educate people throughout Victoria so that they may be better equipped to understand and appreciate this world. In the face of pressures such as habitat fragmentation, overfishing, elevated greenhouse gas emissions and a soaring human population, our community needs to work together to ensure a healthy future for those who will inherit this beautiful world. This means working together to protect and preserve our native ecosystems, as ultimately it is the environment that underpins our economy and our health. Wild Melbourne is dedicated to teaching members of our Victorian community about the natural world so that they may understand and come to appreciate it. We believe that with such an appreciation, our society may come to value and protect our environment for the sake of current and future generations.