Documentary Film

Wild Melbourne is currently working on a documentary film that will explore our community’s relationship with the natural world. More specifically, we will investigate the diverse ways in which people are connected, or disconnected, from the natural environment of Victoria. The film will focus on three main themes: science, nature, and community.


Our environment is the foundation on which we have built our society. Without healthy, functioning ecosystems, we cannot hope to live in a world conducive to human prosperity. Furthermore, Wild Melbourne believes in the intrinsic value of our native flora and fauna and their right to coexist alongside our community. By exploring the connection between the environment and human wellbeing, we will challenge the way people see their place in nature. We hope that in doing so, we will foster an appreciation for our natural world within our community.   


Science is fundamental to our understanding of the natural world and our place within it. As such, a key theme of our film will be the science behind environmental issues and their respective solutions. We will use the authority of local researchers to highlight the plight of our native flora, fauna and the ecosystems in which they live, as well as to empower our community to take action and support the science helping us to save them. By emphasizing the importance of science to the wellbeing of ourselves and our environment, we hope to bridge the gap between the public and our talented researchers. 


We are all about connecting people with nature and to reflect this, our film will focus on our community and its relationship with the natural world. We will showcase important projects at a local level and directly involve the community in the filming process whenever possible. Furthermore, by focusing on the Victorian community we hope to enhance the relevance of our film and the issues it covers to those living in our state and capital city. 


As an organisation, our aim is to bridge existing gaps between our community and our natural environment. By educating people about our native flora and fauna and engaging them with the natural world, we hope to cultivate a sense of appreciation and understanding within our community. Ultimately, we believe that such an appreciation is essential to ensure our environment remains healthy well into the future. Our film is an expression of this underlying philosophy, and as such its aim is to help people to understand their place in the natural world and to strengthen their connection with our environment. In doing so, we hope to contribute to a growing movement of people who not only acknowledge our dependence on the environment, but also appreciate the intrinsic value of the wildlife that call it home. 


An important part of our filming process will be the formation of partnerships within our community. We want to connect with other groups and individuals interested in seeing both our state and capital city become strongholds for environmental stewardship. By partnering and working with other groups, Wild Melbourne can raise the profile of environmental issues and the natural world more broadly, our film being a key tool in accomplishing this. Specifically, we would like to use this film project as an opportunity to develop lasting relationships with other organisations and individuals, and to be a conduit through which they can engage with the broader community on the subject of our environment. Following the film’s release, we hope to provide our community with resources to allow them to further appreciate our environment. Forming strategic partnerships is key to our ability to do so. 

We are pleased to be partnering with Zoos Victoria on this exciting project and would like to thank them for their financial aide in bring this film to life. Together we hope to offer the community something truly special.