We're incredibly excited to be working with zoologist turned pilot Amellia Formby on her Wing Threads: Flight to the Tundra campaign to raise awareness for shorebird conservation. 

Amellia Formby, from the University of Western Australia, is setting out to fly along the same migratory path that these birds fly every year. It’s a 12,500km journey that will take her around three months in the microlight. But she’s not just making this trip for the shorebirds.

Wild Melbourne is helping Amellia tell her story, as well as the stories of the shorebirds and those working so hard to preserve them across Australia, and internationally. The first step in this is helping Amellia launch her crowdfunding campaign which will raise money to purchase a microlight aircraft and allow her to fly with the shorebirds.

In time, we'll also be producing a documentary film about Amellia's Flight to the Tundra and the stories she'll find along the way. 

For more information, head to the Wing Threads website and visit Amelia's crowdfunding page to support her on her journey.