Let Nature be your teacher
— William Wordsworth

Being able to understand why the leaves change colour in autumn, why the sky is blue, why birds have different calls, all come from a knowledge of science, accumulated over time and repeatedly tested through experience and practice.

Whether for a holiday program, a festival event or a school incursion, Wild Melbourne is venturing across Victoria to share our passion for the natural world. By promoting awareness and education, we aim to inspire and empower communities to strengthen their connection with the natural world and in turn help conserve our beautiful environment.  


There are many misconceptions that can creep into people’s understanding of the world. Our fun and engaging modules offer participants the opportunity and encouragement to question what they know and form new ideas about the world in a safe learning environment. We provide a lens through which participants can see and understand science as relevant and reachable - less of an ‘ivory tower’, completed only by people in white lab coats.


Our modules intend to assist teachers, students and the general public to engage with science, sustainability and the outside world. They incorporate the most recent curriculum and up-to-date research, helping participants understand the natural world and the role that science plays in this understanding. For schools in particular, our modules address themes included in the overarching Sustainability cross-curriculum priority. To see the integration of these programs with the Australian Curriculum, click here.

Our modules

fakebook - the art of critical thinking

Fake news. We hear it all the time... or do we? Starting to doubt whether that article you read was genuine? Time to start analysing!

Hooks and ladders

Glide past propellers, duck past those predatory fish, and learn about the challenges of living as an Australian grayling.

power pollinators

Powering to gather as much pollen as they can, which pollinator will succeed in collecting enough energy for the day?

survival of the fittest

Test your skills in survival by experiencing life as one of your local native animals. Will you make it through the day?

wild waterways

Come along on this journey from source to sea and find out what challenges await our marine and aquatic life.

Cost and Booking Information

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Curriculum links

All of our modules have been developed in consultation with the Science and Geography Learning Areas of the Victorian and Australian Curriculum. Each module can be adapted to different year levels depending on your needs and topic targets. The structure of our programs integrates the key ideas and targets of the Sustainability Cross-Curriculum priority within the Australian Curriculum. To find out how our programs relate to the current curriculum, click here.