Remove Plastic from our Beaches

We’re quite lucky in Victoria to have some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world. Unfortunately, our beaches and marine life are under threat from our over-reliance on plastics. It’s not just soft drink bottles, shopping bags or the plastic rings from a six-pack of beer, but also the tiny nasties that are microplastics. These near-invisible pieces can be found in a range of cosmetic products and are often used as exfoliating beads. Microplastics (including other plastics) are easy to ingest and can kill a range of animals including our beloved penguins, seals and fish. Shockingly, we’re directly hurting ourselves – if we ever eat fish which have ingested microplastics, it’s possible that we could fall seriously ill ourselves.

If at the very least, plastics and general litter on our beaches looks horrible and disgusting. We all love our clean beaches and marine life. Actions at home and on the sand can go a long way to cleaning up our beloved marine environment. You can purchase products that do not contain microplastics (, minimise your use of plastics like food wrapping by putting them in containers you’re unlikely to throw away and, simply by taking just a few bits of rubbish to the bin each time you visit the beach ( Collectively, our efforts will go a long way and our beaches and oceans will remain beautiful for many years to come!