Draw Some Nature

There is something about creating art that draws you into the immediate moment. Pairing art creation with the natural world can be a truly immersive experience that can help deepen your appreciation for your natural surroundings.

People have been recording nature for millennia, whether to pass on knowledge, to accurately record species or simply because they are drawn to capturing beauty. Some record it in fine detail whereas others make many quick sketches to try and capture the essence of a subject.

The thing is, there is no right or wrong way to capture nature, and when creating art, the old adage “practice makes perfect” couldn’t be truer. The most inexperienced of drawers will find that the more they sketch, the more detail they notice, and the more accurately they are able to capture the essence of their subject. This is because drawing teaches you to observe.

Find a small, unlined notebook and a good pencil. Carry these with you everywhere, and allow yourself time to sketch the wild about you. In a way, the productive nature of the art will entice you to spend more time in nature, looking for things to draw. When you can’t get outdoors - draw from your memory, books or the internet. Squeezing in a ten minute sketch over lunch or over a drink can be immensely relaxing. Sketch at whim or start a nature journal. If you have little kids, start them early by teaching them to journal nature. The more you draw, paint or sculpt, the more you will want to discover about your subject matter, and the more you will notice about the life around you. Try it!