Plant A Tree

Whether you’re in the garden or out and about, planting trees is an enjoyable way of connecting with nature and improving biodiversity. Not only valuable for the environment, tree planting can have positive effects on our mental and physical wellbeing. Indeed, there are many additional benefits associated with planting trees. 

You don’t have to be an expert either! Planting trees is easy if you use the correct materials and follow the right steps. For more information on how to plant a tree, and why it is beneficial to your local environment, head here

It’s a fantastic way to get people together to benefit our environment and gain a sense of custodianship. Whether it be with your family, friends or even a day out with co-workers or local community groups. It is often very rewarding and something to look back on and see progress in years to come. There are many outlets for tree planting volunteering.

We have enjoyed helping our friends at Endeavour Fern Gully, located on the Mornington Peninsula. This hidden gem plays a significant role in surrounding ecosystems as this is the headwaters of Stony Creek. For more information on what you can experience at Endeavour Fern Gully, check out our article on National Tree Planting day here.

If you’re looking to be immersed in nature, planting trees is certainly very fulfilling!